uPVC by Deceuninck in Belgium

Advantages and Benefits of uPVC by Deceuninck

UPVC made by Deceuninck in Belgium is 100% recyclable and environmentally conscious product with no lead. Deceuninck uses the highest quality in each and every detail of the profile. Among these details, the gaskets are one of the most important factors in the isolation of the window. Most profiles use gaskets build form low quality material (EPDM or PVC gaskets) while Deceuninck insist on using the best of the best (TPE or TPV gaskets).

Deceuninck Windows Systems

Deceuninck provides a wide range of windows and doors systems, each with significant characteristics and unique features. The Deceuninck family of profiles used in the production of windows are assured to be long lasting and resistant against the toughest outside environmental conditions.

Deceuninck, a world leader in the industry, has developed a very special raw material formula in its own laboratories to meet all the respective requirements considering the climates, living conditions and national standard requirements of the middle east countries.

What are the Deceuninck windows systems

  • traditional sliding window system
  • BELLA sliding window system
  • LEGEND sliding system
  • Deceuninck Hebeschiebe
  • Everest Max System
  • Zendow Hinged window system
  • Legend Hinged window system
  • Bella Hinged window system

Deceuninck opening options

  • bi-fold system
  • turn-and-tilt system
  • tilt-and-slide system
  • outward opening system

Deceuninck shutter systems

  • Louver Shutter system
  • Roller Shutter system

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