Frequently Asked Questions about uPVC and UPVCEG Company

This page is dedicated to answer all frequently asked questions about UPVCEG Company and uPVC products like windows and doors.

What is UPVC?

The Un-Plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride or the UPVC Windows are the exclusive windows best suited for all type of abode. These are also referred as the energy saving windows prepared using a tough quality of raw material. These are prepared using an environment friendly technique meeting the needs of contemporary market without causing harm to the environment.

What sort of material is used for the production of UPVC Doors and Windows?

The UPVC Windows are prepared from a strong and sturdy material known as Poly Vinyl Chloride, PVC. The material is of superior quality which results in delivering a strong and sturdy product range in the market.

How the UPVC Windows are different from the wooden or aluminum windows?

Though the differences are unlimited but a major difference between the UPVC Windows and the ordinary wooden or aluminum windows is that the UPVC Windows are cost effective free from the routine denting and painting process which is necessary for the ordinary windows especially after certain duration of time.

What are the exclusive advantages of UPVC Windows?

UPVC Windows is a bag full of exclusive advantages and the most significant one among them is that they are corrosion resist and are ideally suited for all type of climatic conditions.

Are the UPVC Windows more costly than the ordinary windows?

Yes, the UPVC Windows are a bit costly as compared to the ordinary windows but when it comes to durability they are simply the best and acts as a biggest asset to your abode.

Does it take much to install these windows?

No, not at all. The UPVC Windows are a unique blend of style and convenience. They are considered to be the simplest one which easily gets fitted in any place. But as these are quite expensive meant for a longer duration thus it is suggested to install these windows by a skilled professional.

What are UPVCEG products ?

Our products are uPVC doors, uPVC windows, uPVC kitchens, uPVC shower cabinets, alumetal kitchens (alumenium kitchens), Plastic Poly Wires, Shish mat and glass front.

Why too many people interested in UPVC windows and doors in Egypt ?

Because UPVC doors and windows have beautiful look, durable material, soundproofing, cold and heat insulation, dust proof and air tight, UV resistance, .. and too many advantages over alumenium and wood.

Is uPVC windows and doors help reducing the electricity bill ?

Yes. If you installed uPVC windows and doors in you apartment, heat and cold can not transmit from outside to your apartment through uPVC windows and doors. So the weather outside your apartment is isolated from the weather inside. So your air conditioning system will work less, so the electricity bill will be less in summar. And in winter, the heater (if you have one) will consume less electricity because you don't have to run it all the time.

Is uPVC windows and doors useful for my office ?

Yes, you can isolated your office you don't hear the noise and yelling people outside the building. It is great for your online video communications, and great for your focus at work. It will help you have a good mood with relax attitude instead of anxiety of noise and yelling.

Is it recommended to isolate the study office / study corner ?

If you have a young man / young lady in high school, it is recommended to install uPVC windows in their room so they can focus at the work at hand. The noise and yelling from the street will not let them focus at the books and laptops they are reading from.

In addition to focus, nowadays the online conferences and video calls are important to study and attend lectures on Zoom, Google Meet and Skype. It is important to have a quiet place and good lighting. uPVC windows and doors help you keep a quiet place for your good sleep, attending lectures, and studying.

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