Why uPVC ?

uPVC material is great for modern windows and doors. Why would you install windows, then repaint them again in a year as their color faded by the UV of the sun? why would you install windows that let little annoying dust ruin your house surfaces? cleaning and cleaning again!! Why would you install windows that makes it easy to hear the noise of the street ? Do you want to keep awake all night!!

Our uPVC products use WinTech which is known for its great isolation of sound, heat and cold. And its rubber isolate the dust outside to keep your house clean and lovely. Cold and heat isolation help you reduce the electricity consumption so you get a better electricity bill.

Why uPVC accessories ?

uPVC accessories are created to survive all weather and climate conditions and maintain their beautiful elegant look for too long years. The accessories rustproof quality-keeping for your house. All our uPVC accessories are KALI from Turkey.

What are the UPVCEG products ?

UPVCEG Company products are uPVC doors, uPVC windows, uPVC kitchen, uPVC shower cabinet, alumetal kitchen (alumenium kitchen), Plastic Poly Wire, Shish mat and glass front.

How to contact us ?

You can contact UPVCEG via Facebook page or chat with us on WhatsApp.

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