Best noise cancelling & soundproof windows in Egypt

We all suffer from noise, loud streets, vehicles and even neighbors' loud parties. We can not sleep in peace. We can't study in noise and keep focus. We can not work from house, nor contact customers online, nor calling colleagues. The best solution for this loud annoying noise is to isolate your house using uPVC windows and doors.

Advantages of uPVC windows

uPVC windows and doors are great soundproof. the uPVC material itself does not carry sound. Using double glaze, or triple glaze for your window glass will improve its noise proof and soundproof ability. uPVC windows has inner cavities which improve its noise proof capabilities. We use rubber to make sure there is no room between the frame and other parts of the window. All these features help uPVC window to be the best soundproof window ever.

uPVC window is better than alumetal window in noise proof / noise cancelling

Alumetal (Alumenium Metal) is metal, so it carries sound waves efficiently which makes your house hear the noise of the street and neighbors. But uPVC is a plastic material with inner cavities which doesn't carry sound waves efficiently, so your house will be calm.

Alumetal windows are not tightly closed. But uPVC windows are tightly closed, as we use heat wilding to wild window frame corners which makes the window as one piece. No cavities or holes to help sound get into your house.

uPVC windows are better than wood windows in soundproof and noise cancelling

Wood windows have small holes and cavities between its parts which help sound to go through into your house. In addition to the ability of wood hard material to carry sound waves into your house. That makes your house seem as a street to you because of loud noises and sounds.

But uPVC windows is made of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride, which doesn't carry sound waves efficiently. uPVC windows are modern, tightly closed and heat wilded frame corners. That makes uPVC windows the best in soundproofing and noise cancelling.

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