Difference between PVC and uPVC windows

We talked about the difference between pvc and upvc in a previous post as a term / expression in people's tongue. But today, we talk about the difference between upvc window and pvc window in the real terms / scientific terms.

People doesn't know the difference between these two materials. What people know is that PVC is UPVC. But the truth is that poly vinyl chloride (PVC) material is a lightweight strong plastic material. We add plasticizers to make it more flexible and soft.

If we did not add plasticizers, we call it unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (UPVC) material. Or we call it strong PVC. This is the material we use to create windows frames and doors frames.


PVC material is used in manufacturing pipes, wire cables, clothes and games. But UPVC material is used in manufacturing frames of modern windows and doors.

Traits & Advantages

PVC is flexible and soft but not strong enough for some use cases. But UPVC is strong, rigid, safe, fire retardant. We use UPVC to make modern windows frames and door frames.

Advantages of modern uPVC windows and doors are countless. They are noise proof, soundproof, heatproof, heat insulation, weather resistant, moisture insulation and dustproof. You can read more about UPVC windows advantages here.

Why we did not use PVC in manufacturing windows and doors ?

PVC is not used in manufacturing windows and doors, and uPVC is the preferred material for windows and doors. Because uPVC is weather resistant, great fit for modern decor designs and long-living material. uPVC will not change its shape in some months, it's stable material. uPVC windows reduces power consumption as it isolates your house from the heat / weather outside. uPVC windows are better than wood and alumetal ones. It is considered the best soundproof windows ever.

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