sliding vs hinged window

PVC (scientifically called UPVC) windows have too many advantages such as soundproofing, heatproofing, electricity insulation, air-tightness, .. and many more advantages that make UPVC windows system the best one for all weather conditions.

But when you are about to choose between sliding and hinged windows, you should know the advantages of each system of opening.

Hinged window

Hinged window give more soundproof as it is more air-tight and dustproof. In addition, the percentage of opening is 100% of the window area. But when opening a hinged window, its shutters take some area from the home inside. So you should decide according to the available area and the interior decor of your home.

Sliding window

Sliding window takes less space from your home when opening it. But the percentage of opening is 50% of the window area. As you can slide one over another to have it opened.

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