Sliding PVC Window

PVC windows are the best fit for your modern home. Because PVC windows (scientifically called UPVC windows) have too many advantages such as heatproof, soundproof, dustproof, weather resistant, easy to clean, .. and more traits that help you live a calm and cozy life in your home.

Choosing sliding window is a great choice because sliding windows does not occupy additional space from your home to open, their shutters just slide to open. So your interior decor would be awesome if you want to use space wisely.

sliding PVC window
sliding PVC window

In other hand, hinged window give your home a 100% opening so the ventilation in hinged window will be a 100%. But sliding window will give you 50% opening, so it is 50% ventilation. So choose wisely according to your home space and interior decor to get the best decission for your home.

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