UPVC / PVC vs Alumetal / Alumenium. which is better?

UPVC (a.k.a PVC) or Alumetal (a.k.a Alumenium). Which is better for your home? let's compare them.

Heat Isolation

Alumetal (Alumenium Metal) is metal which can carry heat. But UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) can not carry heat; so it's heatproof.

If you use PVC / UPVC in your home, your electricity bill will be low; because AC will work less than normal to heat up / cool down your home, as your home is heat-isolated from outside temperature.

Noise Cancelling / Soundproof

Alumetal is metal, and metals carry voice / sounds. But PVC / UPVC windows and doors can not carry sounds efficiently. It has insulation cavities in the frame to help isolate sounds, so it is soundproof. The PVC / UPVC itself does not carry sound.

Weather Resistant

Alumenium need repaint after some months, as it is easy to peel its paint. Sun's UV rays affect Alumetal colors causing it to pale. Water, Moisture and Salts near beach affect Alumetal badly.

But PVC / UPVC windows and doors do not get affected by water, moisture or salts. Its paint is consistent. It's UV resistant. Heatproof, waterproof, rain does not affect it. UPVC windows keep their modern look and feel for years of beauty. In addition to these advantages, it is easy to clean. And UPVC windows and doors do not need maintenance.

Water and air-tight

PVC / UPVC windows and doors do not leak water or air. It is air-tight. So if it rains, or it blows, you are safe. You will feel the calmness, cleanness, beauty even when lightning hit the sky outside.


No dust shall enter your home. No need to clean furniture everyday to remove dust. UPVC windows are air-tight, which does not let any dust carried on air to enter your home. No car fames carried to your home through air. That isolate air pollution out of your home. So you have healthy clean environment in your cozy home.

Price of UPVC windows and doors

Prices of all PVC / UPVC windows and doors is a little higher than Alumetal ones. But they have the advantages to defend that price rise.

UPVC vs Alumetal

Comparison Trait Alumetal (Alumenium Metal) UPVC (a.k.a PVC)
soundproof good excellent
heatproof heat conductor (it's a metal) heat insulator (heatproof)
dustproof good excellent
weather resistant good excellent
color fastness / paint sun, water, moisture and salts affect it sun (UV), water, moisture and salts do not affect its color or paint. No pale or peel.
fire and ignition resistance unflamable UPVC is non-flammable and has a self-extinguishing feature
electricity good conductor of electricity complete electrical insulator
maintenance It is subject to peeling, fading and easy to scratch, and needs to be repainted every period of time, and needs maintenance every few months. It requires no maintenance, and is easy to clean.

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