The Difference Between PVC Windows and Alumetal Windows

PVC / UPVC windows are more soundproof than alumetal windows

PVC / UPVC windows is better in soundproofing because UPVC material is not carrying sound. In addition to having insulation cavities right in the UPVC frame itself which helps in sound isolation (noise cancelling).

But alumetal windows are good sound conductor, which carries sound waves efficiently. It is metal, so it carry sound waves into your home. Sounds noisy? because it is. You can use double glaze and some other techniques to make it soundproof. But still, UPVC is better in soundproofing.

Moisture, water, salts do not affect PVC / UPVC windows

Alumetal windows are easily affected by moisture, water, rain, salt solutions. After some months, alumetal paint will get peeled badly. Alumetal windows need cleaning periodically, and repaint after some months, and some maintenance.

But PVC / UPVC windows is weather resistant, water resistant. It is easy to clean it just by a sponge. If you live in a coastal area, I encourage you to install uPVC windows to get a great home experience.

UPVC windows are heatproof; weather temperature insulation

PVC (scientifically called UPVC) windows isolate your home temperature from outside weather temperature. It is heatproof, and can not carry heat from outside to your home or vice versa. So you can set your AC at your targetted temperature without getting a HUGE electricity bill. As your home is isolated, so your AC will do less work to heat it up or cool it down.

Alumetal (a.k.a Alumenium metal) windows carry heat because Alumenium is a heat conductor metal. That makes your AC do more work to cool down / heat up your home temperature; as your home temperature get affected by the outer weather temperature. If you need your AC all the time, it is better to install modern UPVC windows.

Alumetal windows are cheaper

Yes. Alumetal windows are cheaper than PVC / UPVC windows in price. But the difference in price comes to the difference in advantages for your home. You deserve a better cozy comfortable home in all seasons, even if it rains outside, or it burns outside. Check prices of PVC / UPVC windows here.

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